Active Nation Agency


Connecting to the hearts and minds of active people of today is much more than numbers and statistics. Of course knowing the numbers give a unique base for understanding trends, but to truly understand it takes years of experience. With over 20 years in the field it gives us a unique position for activating your brand based on both factual stats and deep inside knowledge about the different cultural movements.

Based on your brand’s DNA we develop brand management, products management and marketing strategies. We develop your idea for you brand into an activation plan including executing the strategy into mission statements, PR, finding athletes and social influencers etc.

We can give you the deep market insight you need to make qualified decisions. Whether it is as members of you board, based on advice or provided as a report we give you the knowledge you need either alone, or together with trusted partners.

KEYWORDS: Consultancy. Strategy. Curating. Planning. PR. Reports. Knowledge.


We have a unique experience in producing inspiring media for the active audience. From text to video, from branding to documenting live events. Video, photo, print & native communication on text is more important than ever. Lets us help you communicate the essence of you brand.

KEYWORDS: Editorial. Press releases. Video storytelling. Media presence. Native communication.

Events & speaks

Active Nation Agency can help you activate your brand on events and exhibitions from planning to execution. We also provide an overview of trend reports and future scenarios for events, brands and organizations. We conduct study groups, focus groups, trend- and future studies.

Are you looking for inspiration for a fresh perspective for a better understanding and communication of outdoor life and the active lifestyle culture on your conference, board meeting or tradeshow? Let us inspire you.

KEYWORDS: Exhibitions. Expo activation. Public events. Speaks. Sponser events.