Active Nation Agency

Nordic Adventure Film Festival was born back in 1996 in Copenhagen as Danish Adventure Film Festival by a group of dedicated climbers and adventure filmmakers. Now the festival is passed its 20th anniversary making the festival the oldest and most dedicated and respected adventure film festival in Scandinavia.

The festival has a threefold mission statement.

Primary goal to present the most inspiring adventure- and outdoors films for the local audience in dedicated cinemas.

Second goal is to help the local filmmakers develop  and produce adventure films.

Third goal is to inspire people in general to explorer til outdoors with respect for the nature, and educating people to use the film as media for documenting the world of adventure as seen from an explores view.

The heart of the festival as such is the yearly award show, where we honor the craftsmanship of adventure filmmaking by rewarding the best films of the year.

The Festival is organised in collaboration with Cinemateket / The Danish Film Institute. The people behind Active Nation Agency have been involved in the festival since the beginning in 1996.

The picture above is from the movie “A Line Across the Sky” that was screened at the festival in 2015. Credit Austin Siadak.

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