Active Nation Agency

Gran Fondo Film Festival is a new bicycle film festival for everyone who loves cycling, movies on the big screen and not least the big bike epics in general. The ambition of Gran Fondo Film Festival is clear; they will create a recurring annual international bicycle film festival in Denmark.

The film festival has an ambition of showing the best bike movies on a big screen in cinema quality. It is a tribute to the cycling sport and to the films and filmmakers.

In 2015 the festival opened with a big scoop, because they could present an exclusive conversation between Jørgen Leth and the american instructor Brendt Barbur about the documentary film ‘The Commentator’, which was not released yet.

The people behind Active Nation Agency planned and executed the festival.


The picture above is from the movie “Clean Spirit” that was screened at the festival in 2015. Credit Rob Hodselmans.